Superhero Cosplayers at London MCM Expo, 25th and 26th May 2013

We met a great variety of super (ehehe, puns) cosplayers over the weekend, and everyone was lovely- especially when I was a dork and fangirled (a lot) about genderbent and steampunk-ified costumes. Thank you to everyone we met, you all looked brilliant!!

Steampunk!Dr Banner- Lime

Steampunk!Black Widower- Jake

Fem!Cap (Photo #5)- Lucy

Fem!Hawkeye (Photo #5)- Lisa

Fem!Loki (Photo #4)- Leo

Fem!Thor (Photo #4)- CBL

Fem!Hawkeye (Photo #4)- Claire

Fem!Iron Man (Photo #4)- Paige

Fem!Cap (Photo #8)- Amy

Steampunk!Pepper and Steampunk!Tony- Mandibean and her husband

Steampunk!Captain Marvel (Photo #6)- Cherry

Steampunk!She-Hulk (Photo #6)- deepblueyonder

If you see yourself in this post and would like credit, please let me know! 

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