1. London MCM Expo - 23rd to 25th May 2014 - Awesome Cosplays!

    It was so nice to meet so many cool cosplayers over this weekend! Everyone we talked to was very kind and it was really fun to see everyone’s amazing costumes.

    If you see yourself, let me know so I can credit you!!

  2. London MCM Expo - 23rd to 25th May 2015 - The “Behind The Scenes” Post

    All of my friends are awful meme trash and I love them so much

  3. London MCM Expo - Saturday 23rd May - Lumière and Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast)

    These costumes were really fun, and we got recognised a lot, it was a real thrill!! We couldn’t track down the Disney meets in the end, but we did have a lot of fun with the other Disney cosplayers we bumped into, including this lovely Belle, who was superbly nice and had an amazing costume!

    If you saw us please do say hi, and if you have any photos a tag would be much appreciated!

  4. London MCM Expo - Friday 23rd May 2014 - Steampunk Outfits

    Our outfits are inspired by the idea of a pair of Victorian-esque ghost hunters who travel round in a puttering wind-up car attending to situations caused by troublesome spirits- for the right price, of course.

    Cad’s character is a gentleman-turned-bounty-hunter, a man of action, adventure, and a welding gun not shown here which sparks like hell, hence the sleeves- the cannisters on his thigh are for storing ghosties! My character is a playful carnival psychic, able to communicate with spirits still around, who decided to use her powers to earn herself a little money and standing in the world. She also likes owls more than the average person.

    We had a lot of fun making these costumes, if you saw us please do say hi!

  5. limelasers:

    October MCM Expo, London 2013: Sort Of Avengers Photoshoot

    → → A while ago, we decided we wanted to swap the Avengers’ genders around, then put them in high school-ish uniforms, and then do all that at a convention. So, we did.

    Thor: angelsarebrightstill
    Hawkeye: cushions-and-cake
    Toni Stark: mylifeandotherstories
    Black Widower: newtonsapplejuice
    Steph Rogers: admiraljaneway
    Bailie Banner: limelasers

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  6. Superhero Cosplayers at London MCM Expo, 25th and 26th May 2013

    We met a great variety of super (ehehe, puns) cosplayers over the weekend, and everyone was lovely- especially when I was a dork and fangirled (a lot) about genderbent and steampunk-ified costumes. Thank you to everyone we met, you all looked brilliant!!

    Steampunk!Dr Banner- Lime

    Steampunk!Black Widower- Jake

    Fem!Cap (Photo #5)- Lucy

    Fem!Hawkeye (Photo #5)- Lisa

    Fem!Loki (Photo #4)- Leo

    Fem!Thor (Photo #4)- CBL

    Fem!Hawkeye (Photo #4)- Claire

    Fem!Iron Man (Photo #4)- Paige

    Fem!Cap (Photo #8)- Amy

    Steampunk!Pepper and Steampunk!Tony- Mandibean and her husband

    Steampunk!Captain Marvel (Photo #6)- Cherry

    Steampunk!She-Hulk (Photo #6)- deepblueyonder

    If you see yourself in this post and would like credit, please let me know! 

  7. Steampunk Costumes at London MCM Expo 2013, Saturday 25th May

    Jake and I managed to find some lovely people, all of whom had clearly put a lot of effort into their costumes! We were blown away by how gorgeous people looked, and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

    If you see yourself in this post and would like credit, please let me know!

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